E-KLIQ is the perfect choice for your business website needs.

With a vision to give your brand the professional touch it needs, our team of professional web designers and programmers working hand in hand with our creative team come up with a website that not only suits your brand but is user friendly and tailored to meet the needs of your target audience.

Web Development

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Whatever your current need is, to build a new website or rebrand an existing one, E-KLIQ is ever ready to present your brand with a website that mirrors it. We give you a website that looks great and functions perfectly because we know the importance of UI/UX design in building a website. Let us take care of all the technicalities of building a website.

Our goal is to ensure that when people visit your website, they are convinced at every point to do business with you. We present your brand in a confident and authentic manner. People do business with who they feel they can trust. Let us build a website your target audience can relate with.

As one of the leading web design agencies in Abuja, we have a proven record when it comes to designing state of the art websites for brands. Following strict SEO rules and policies, we make sure that your website is optimized to boost its visibility on search engines.

Our web design services include

We specialise in developing eCommerce websites for businesses both within and outside the country. E-commerce websites are built so that customers can find, interact and order products on your website. To ensure a smooth transaction, we will infuse a payment system into your website. This allows people to easily pay for goods bought online.

We build e-commerce websites that are very easy to understand, clear navigation and great design. We make sure that your website is built with the latest technology. Our web designers can code your website from scratch or make use of web design softwares like WordPress or Magento if you want a website quickly.

Your brand is unique and different and your website needs to reflect this. Our team of professional developers working closely with our creative team work against the clock to build your brand a state of the art website that aligns with the vision of your brand.

Our Custom Website Designs does all the talking for you. We are all about the aesthetics and functionality of your website. We incorporate all essential elements that improve how potential clients interact with your website.

Keeping in mind that your target audience is a key factor in building a website for your brand, our custom website designs are made simple to understand, eye appealing and we infuse contents that tell  your story.

217Need  a showroom to display your skills, goods and services? Then you need a portfolio website. A portfolio website provides a detailed information about an individual or a company. The main goal of a portfolio website is to showcase your work. E-KLIQ knows how important it is to have a good online reputation. Trust us to build you an optimized portfolio websites that helps you standout in your niche.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content market, Pay-per-click, SEO

Without any doubt in mind, the internet is changing everything. The world is migrating online and this is the best time to build a strong online presence.

Let us take that for you. Bring us your product, services or ideas and let us reach out to targeted audiences in need of your services.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Abuja, our team can help you manage your entire marketing campaign. From outline to campaign design to development and finally to delivery and reporting. E-KLIQ is your go to agency.

 We can’t talk about what digital branding entails without content. It is not enough to market your brand but creating a local customer base is important. You want customers to keep coming back because they are satisfied with your services.  This is where content marketing plays a big role. It focuses on engagements through blog posts, videos and photos.

A good content marketing strategy should instigate the interest of potential customers in your brand and get them excited about what you have to offer. It builds trust and confidence between your brand and end-users and seeks to foster a long-lasting relationship. When digital marketing helps magnet people to your brand, it is the duty of content marketing to keep them interested in your offer and transform them to long-term clients

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the arrow that directs potential customers to your website. As web design and digital branding agency, we make use of SEO to improve your website rankings on search engines. We have helped companies increase the number of traffic that flows into their website and skyrock their ROI.  We also ensure that all SEO techniques follow Google rules and regulations.

Its not only about getting to the first page of Google but staying there. This is where E-KLIQ sets itself apart from other agencies. We continuously work on optimizing your website at an affordable price.

We offer the following SEO services

  • Blog SEO

  • E-Commerce Website SEO

  • Website On-Page SEO

  • SEO Copywriting

  • Website Off-Page SEO

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