Internet country domains list (TLDs)


A country-code TLDs, or ccTLDs, refer to domain extensions ( letters that appear after your choice domain name) specific to a particular region, area or country. Some of these ccTLDs include .ca (Canada), .co.UK (United Kingdom) and (Australia).


Below is a compiled list of all ccTLDs ( Top-level; domain for different countries). These domains are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). They are responsible for global coordination of the IP address, DNS Root and every other Internet Protocol resource.


A top-level domain (TLD) is at the peak of the domain name system. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) recognises three main groups of TLDs- the top-level infrastructure domain, generic top-level domains (gTLD), country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Nowadays, most websites only make use of ccTLDs and gTLDs.


Generic TLDs are domain names that end in .biz, .com, .info, .net, and so on. A country code TLDs are domain names that end with country-specific extensions like .ng, .uk, .nz, .fr, and so on. These types of domains come with unique offers and benefits that we feel will be a changer for your website. Local top-level domains (ccLTDs) come with benefits that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!



  • ccTLDs offer Local Targeting and SEO Benefits

One of the benefits of using ccTLDs is that it is country specific. It allows you target traffic from a particular region of the world. Let’s say you want traffic from the United State of America to your U.S based website; you may need to consider using as your domain extension. What this basically does is that it makes sure you show up in the search results of people living in the U.S, rather than the United Kingdom or Russia or Australia or any other region of the world.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not left out as it increases your SEO value for any search result that is country-based. This is as a result of search engines displaying different results, including local ones, depending on the visitor’s IP address. If an individual living in the United States of America searches for gyms in the U.S. your U.S.-based gy,’s website might rank higher in search than if you didn’t have a ccTLD.


  •  ccTLDs instill Buyer Confidence

ccTLDs boost the confidence of your website visitors. Since it’s a local website, website visitors may feel more confident in purchasing from an address they are familiar with than from a forign address. Also, most people prefer doing business and visiting sites in their native language, locality and currency.



  1. ccTLDs allow you to bring out your creativity

One of the tricks that most successful companies are arousing to build a strong brand around their domain name is what is known as domain hack. This means when a word is formed using a combination of both the domain name and ccTLDs. For Instance, uses the Ireland ccTLDs, uses the Spanish ccTLD, and uses Belgium ccTLD. You can also use a call to action or phrase like Or The variety of combinations you can make is limitless!


Below are different countries and their ccTLDs:


Country / state / territory Country code top-level domain (ccTLD)
Abu Dhabi (not a country, but a state (an emirate) within the United Arab Emirates) .abudhabi / .ae
Afghanistan .af
Albania .al
Algeria .dz (stands for الجزائر‎ or, in the Latin alphabet, al-Jazā’ir, pronounced as Al Dzayer)
American Samoa .as
Andorra .ad
Angola .ao
Anguilla .ai
Antarctica .aq (stands for Antarctique)
Antigua and Barbuda .ag
Argentina .ar
Armenia .am
Aruba .aw (stands for Aruba West Indies)
Ascension Island .ac
Australia .au
Austria .at
Azerbaijan .az
Bahamas .bs
Bahrain .bh
Bangladesh .bd
Barbados .bb
Basque Country .eus (stands for Euskadi)
Belarus .by (stands for Byelorussia)
Belgium .be
Belize .bz
Benin .bj
Bermuda .bm
Bhutan .bt
Bolivia .bo
Bonaire .bq (not in use yet) / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles) / .nl (stands for Netherlands)
Bosnia and Herzegovina .ba
Botswana .bw
Bouvet Island .bv
Brazil .br
British Indian Ocean Territory .io
British Virgin Islands .vg
Brunei .bn
Bulgaria .bg
Burkina Faso .bf
Burma (officially: Myanmar) .mm
Burundi .bi
Cambodia .kh (stands for Khmer)
Cameroon .cm
Canada .ca
Cape Verde (in Portuguese: Cabo Verde) .cv
Catalonia .cat
Cayman Islands .ky
Central African Republic .cf
Chad .td (stands for Tchad)
Chile .cl
China, People’s Republic of .cn
Christmas Island .cx
Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cc
Colombia .co
Comoros .km (stands for Komori)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Congo-Kinshasa) .cd
Congo, Republic of the (Congo-Brazzaville) .cg
Cook Islands .ck
Costa Rica .cr
Croatia .hr (stands for Hrvatska)
Cuba .cu
Curaçao .cw
Cyprus .cy
Cyprus, North (unrecognised, self-declared state) (stands for North Cyprus Turkey)
Czechia (Czech Republic) .cz
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) .ci
Denmark .dk
Djibouti .dj
Dominica .dm
Dominican Republic .do
Dubai (not a country, but a state (an emirate) within the United Arab Emirates) .ae
East Timor (Timor-Leste) .tl (stands for Timor-Leste) / .tp (the old country code that is still in use and which stands for Timor Português)
Ecuador .ec
Egypt .eg
El Salvador .sv
England .uk
Equatorial Guinea .gq (stands for Guinée équatoriale)
Eritrea .er (inactive code)
Estonia .ee (stands for Eesti)
Ethiopia .et
European Union .eu
Faeroe Islands .fo (stands for Føroyar)
Falkland Islands .fk
Fiji .fj
Finland .fi
France .fr
French Guiana (French overseas department) .gf (stands for Guyane française)
French Polynesia (French overseas collectivity) .pf (stands for Polynésie française)
French Southern and Antarctic Lands .tf (stands for Terres australes et antarctiques françaises)
Gabon (officially: Gabonese Republic) .ga
Galicia .gal
Gambia .gm
Gaza Strip (Gaza) .ps (stands for Palestine)
Georgia .ge
Germany .de (stands for Deutschland)
Ghana .gh
Gibraltar .gi
Great Britain (GB) .uk (.gb has fallen into disuse)
Greece .gr
Greenland .gl
Grenada .gd
Guadeloupe (French overseas department) .gp
Guam .gu
Guatemala .gt
Guernsey .gg
Guinea .gn
Guinea-Bissau .gw
Guyana .gy
Haiti .ht
Heard Island and McDonald Islands .hm
Holland (officially: the Netherlands) .nl
Honduras .hn
Hong Kong .hk
Hungary .hu
Iceland .is (stands for Ísland)
India .in
Indonesia .id
Iran .ir
Iraq .iq
Ireland .ie
Ireland, Northern .uk
Isle of Man .im
Israel .il
Italy .it
Jamaica .jm
Japan .jp
Jersey .je
Jordan .jo
Kazakhstan .kz
Kenya .ke
Kiribati .ki
Korea, North .kp (stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
Korea, South .kr
Kosovo not assigned yet (in the meantime the Albanian TLD .al is used)
Kuwait .kw
Kyrgyzstan .kg
Laos .la
Latvia .lv
Lebanon .lb
Lesotho .ls
Liberia .lr
Libya .ly
Liechtenstein .li
Lithuania .lt
Luxembourg .lu
Macau .mo (stands for Macao)
Macedonia, North .mk (stands for Македонија or, in the Latin alphabet, Makedonija)
Madagascar .mg
Malawi .mw
Malaysia .my
Maldives .mv
Mali .ml
Malta .mt
Marshall Islands .mh
Martinique (French overseas department) .mq
Mauritania .mr
Mauritius .mu
Mayotte (French overseas department) .yt
Mexico .mx
Micronesia (officially: Federated States of Micronesia) .fm
Moldova .md
Monaco .mc
Mongolia .mn
Montenegro .me
Montserrat .ms
Morocco .ma (stands for Maroc)
Mozambique .mz
Myanmar .mm
Namibia .na
Nauru .nr
Nepal .np
Netherlands .nl
New Caledonia (French overseas collectivity) .nc
New Zealand .nz
Nicaragua .ni
Niger .ne
Nigeria .ng
Niue .nu
Norfolk Island .nf
North Cyprus (unrecognised, self-declared state) (stands for North Cyprus Turkey)
North Korea .kp (stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
North Macedonia .mk (stands for Македонија or, in the Latin alphabet, Makedonija)
Northern Ireland .uk
Northern Mariana Islands .mp
Norway .no
Oman .om
Pakistan .pk
Palau .pw (stands for Pelew)
Palestine .ps
Panama .pa
Papua New Guinea .pg
Paraguay .py
Peru .pe
Philippines .ph
Pitcairn Islands .pn
Poland .pl
Portugal .pt
Puerto Rico .pr
Qatar .qa
Romania .ro
Russia .ru
Rwanda .rw
Réunion (French overseas department) .re
Saba .bq (not in use yet) / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles)
Saint Barthélemy (French overseas collectivity, informally also referred to as Saint Barth’s or Saint Barts) .bl (not in use yet) / .gp (stands for Guadeloupe) / .fr (stands for France)
Saint Helena .sh
Saint Kitts and Nevis .kn
Saint Lucia .lc
Saint Martin (French overseas collectivity) .mf (not in use yet) / .gp (stands for Guadeloupe) / .fr (stands for France)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .vc
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (French overseas collectivity) .pm
Samoa .ws (stands for Western Samoa, the former name of Samoa)
San Marino .sm
Saudi Arabia .sa
Scotland .uk
Senegal .sn
Serbia .rs (stands for Република Србија or, in the Latin alphabet, Republika Srbija)
Seychelles .sc
Sierra Leone .sl
Singapore .sg
Sint Eustatius .bq (not in use yet) / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles) / .nl (stands for Netherlands)
Sint Maarten .sx / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles)
Slovakia .sk
Slovenia .si
Solomon Islands .sb (stands for British Solomon Islands)
Somalia .so
Somaliland (unrecognised, self-declared state) .so
South Africa .za (stands for Zuid-Afrika)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands .gs
South Korea .kr
South Sudan .ss
Spain .es (stands for España)
Sri Lanka .lk
Sudan .sd
Suriname (Surinam) .sr
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands .sj
Swaziland .sz
Sweden .se
Switzerland .ch
Syria .sy
São Tomé and Príncipe .st
Tahiti (the largest island in French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France) .pf (stands for Polynésie française)
Taiwan .tw
Tajikistan .tj
Tanzania .tz
Thailand .th
Togo .tg
Tokelau .tk
Tonga .to
Trinidad and Tobago .tt
Tunisia .tn
Turkey .tr
Turkmenistan .tm
Turks and Caicos Islands .tc
Tuvalu .tv
Uganda .ug
Ukraine .ua (stands for Україна, or, in the Latin alphabet, Ukraina)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) .ae
United Kingdom (UK) .uk
United States of America (USA) .us
United States Virgin Islands .vi
Uruguay .uy
Uzbekistan .uz
Vanuatu .vu
Vatican City .va
Venezuela .ve
Vietnam .vn
Wales .uk
Wallis and Futuna (French overseas collectivity) .wf
West Bank .ps (stands for Palestine)
Western Sahara .eh (not in use; instead .ma is used)
Yemen .ye
Zambia .zm
Zimbabwe .zw
Åland .ax


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