The word ‘Wikipedia’ is not a new term. Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopaedia. Ever searched something on Google? Then you must have noticed the relevant Wikipedia link that pops up in the top five results on Google’s search page. It is an open site that, when used effectively, can be an excellent online marketing tool for your brand or business.

A Wikipedia account creates more visibility and helps you attract traffic from your target audience. As a celebrity gaining massive followers on social media is not enough. You need to be present on platforms that can help people learn more about you. Take LinkedIn and a Wikipedia account, for instance.

Although it is not an easy task to create a personal Wikipedia account, it is so rewarding in the long run. Once you understand the basics, you are good to go!










In the age of personal branding and maintaining an excellent online reputation, a personal Wikipedia profile is a must-have, especially if you are a reputable individual in your locale, country or field.

We have a few tips that we thought might help you out when setting up a Wikipedia account.

Check community guideline

Wikipedia is guided by so many rules that have made it the go-to website it is today. You need to know that you need to become a registered user as it does not trust unidentified individuals. Take time out to edit other people’s articles before you write your first post. Please make sure you add references and citations where necessary, as it increases your credibility. References may range from journals, blog posts, press releases and even other Wikipedia articles.

Create content that resonates with a large audience

Every content you post on your Wikipedia page has to be verified and edited by a large number of editors for it to stand the test of time. As such, think deeply before publishing anything. Take, for instance; you want to write about yourself. What have you done that deserves recognition? You can’t just pick a topic out of thin air. It has to have been previously discussed in maybe a journal. There should be enough credible sources that prove that the chosen topic is of interest to the public. Because every editor has his/her view of the world and interacts with it differently, so, ensure you do enough research.  

Hire a marketing agent

We know  maintaining a Wikipedia page can be quite tasking, so you can get a marketing agency to create and manage your account. A personal Wikipedia page can be a little tricky. They meet every requirement and conduct regular updates on your profile.

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page

Creating a page can be quite tasking but rewarding in the long run. Wikipedia, without a doubt, offers the following benefits to your reputation.

More visibility

One of the reasons you are well known is that people have heard about you one way or another. A Wikipedia page can provide in-depth information about you that people may find difficult to find on social media platforms. It is the perfect showroom to display all your accomplishments. A Wikipedia page gives you more online exposure. Why not get to it now! You are just a click away from setting up your page.

Secured Biography

Your reputation is gold. Wikipedia makes sure that only positive articles are published about you. All data is properly scrutinized before it is published. This is following the BLP policy. So, you don’t have to fret over your information getting altered. Sounds great, right! We thought so too.

 Boosts your Credibility

As a reputable website, having a Wikipedia page gives you more credibility and portrays you as someone to be trusted. This is good for your online reputation. It allows you to build more persona by creating an authentic portfolio that speaks volume of your person. As a person of calibre, fans will crave every bit of information about you. As such, having a Wikipedia page offers them the correct information. It makes you more credible in front of your fans, positively.

Boost search ranking














Wikipedia daily receives thousands of traffic, and you can see this in its domain authority. So, imagine your name on Wikipedia! This automatically equates to better ranking on search engines. Wikipedia’s level of popularity and credibility implies that having a Wikipedia page can help build links.

Most journalists start from Wikipedia when they want to know more about a topic or person. A Wikipedia account helps individuals easily locate you when they search your name on google.

It can also be used to dig out information about people so trust us when we say that you need a well organized Wikipedia account that speaks praises of you.

An unbiased standpoint

Wikipedia is an open book but still tries to maintain a balance between correct data and alterations. It covers the negative and positive side without discrediting any personnel. A Wikipedia account allows you to monitor any change made without leaking your IP address to a third party. This conceals your location and service provider. You can personally edit your account, but hiring a Wikipedia expert will do the trick if you are so busy.

A wider range of fanbase

Whatever you are looking for on the internet, you will note that the first website to display on the search engine is Wikipedia. This goes to show that having a Wikipedia page can Skyrock your ranking. The good news is that the higher your ranking, the more visible you would be to the world. Are you an actor, actress, politician? Having a Wikipedia page offers you an international platform to tell people who you are, what you do and how you impact your immediate environment.

Protection against bad press

Wikipedia aims to uphold the integrity and reputation of notable individuals. As such, any article that does not contain proven facts or reliable information is not allowed. You can trust that your reputation is properly safeguarded. Articles are published daily with catchy headlines but lack facts and figures. They are posted to drive traffic. Wikipedia is a haven from such defaming publications. Although Wikipedia is open to editing, strict rules and policies are adhered to.

       How to create your Wikipedia account

Want to set up? Follow the guidelines below;

  • Enter into your google chrome browser

  • Select the “English” option

  • At the right-hand side of your browser, click the “Create Account” button.

  • Enter all necessary information and solve the captcha.

  • Confirm registration by clicking the link sent to your email

  • Return to the homepage and click the “Login” button and enter your account details and voila! You have a Wikipedia account.

Without any doubt, a Wikipedia account is great for boosting and maintaining your online reputation. Get an account today and harness the benefits of Wikipedia!