COVID 19 has been one hell of a pandemic that has obviously come to change life as we know it. People have been finding ways to adapt to new ways of life and a lot of words/phrases like “social distancing, isolation, face masks, and sanitizers” have gained a lot of currency these days.

What all this means is that the world is changing fast and every smart entrepreneur is supposed to evolve with it. With the limitations in movement and all the fear of interaction that has been happening it’s only wise to find smart alternatives to do business.

Whenever a world-scale crisis like this arises a lot of businesses take a lot of losses while others make a lot of gains, a simple example is how a lot of oil companies and airlines are taken losses while businesses like amazon and zoom are making huge profits.

As entrepreneurs, the smartest decision to make is how to make all your business processes done efficiently with as little human interaction as possible. Everything from Marketing, sales, team collaboration, and customer relationship management all these facets of business should be automated and carried out seamlessly without physical interaction.

One sure way to get these done is by using a functional website, customized for your business. Any business of worth should have a fully functional website especially now where a physical location is quite restricted. With a well designed and developed website all business processes can be taken online, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue greatly.

Some erroneously think having social media handles is enough but nothing can be further from the truth. social media handles are very good but are limited and usually are not as organized as a website. In some cases, pages can get suspended, and generally when someone is searching for a product or service they tend to use search engines. Also psychologically when someone is on social media he or she is usually there to be entertained and are not really interested in any services.

Also posting pictures and media on platforms like WhatsApp or telegram can be a bit of a drag for other users because they have to download the images to see the product or service. This takes up space in their devices and because of that people refrain from viewing media shared on those platforms thereby defeating the purpose. In this case, a simple link from your website easily solves this.

Having a website is not rocket science and depending on the business or stage of business a simple website can even be designed without any knowledge of web design using some free tools, all you have to do is search on google and you will get more information on DIY web design.

In summary, the world is changing and it is expedient of entrepreneurs to evolve at pace with it. There is no going back to normal, this is the new normal. Get your business a solid online presence, get your processes automated, and watch your revenue rise exponentially.

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