Getting the most from wikipedia

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The word 'Wikipedia' is not a new term. Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopaedia. Ever searched something on Google? Then you must have noticed the relevant Wikipedia link that pops up in the top five results on Google's search page. It is an open site that, when used effectively, can be an excellent online marketing

7 Essential features that make a website produce positive results

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We have x-rayed your business, and we can tell you that your business needs a website! Not just any website, but one that is clear and depicts what your brand is all about. At first glance, a good website needs to appeal to and inform your end-users about your brand. It is your physical

5 surefire affordable ways to grow your personal reputation online

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Typed your name on Google recently to know how your personal reputation is doing? Then, you are one of the individuals curious to know what kind of reputation they have online. Let me warn you though, you may not be so thrilled by what you will find. The Edelman Trust Barometer shows that over

Seven surefire affordable ways to grow your business reputation online

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In the 21st century, having a business online is vital. Furthermore, the reputation of a business is everything. It takes a lot of consistency and hard work to build an excellent online presence. However, it takes little to no effort to tear it down. Talk about bad reviews and unfavorable press; guarding your online

How choosing the right domain name can be a winner for your business

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Trust us when we say that your domain name is everything.  Ready to be an entrepreneur? Have an idea of a name in mind? Hold on to that thought for a minute! You will probably build a website for your new business, which requires the perfect domain name. Naming a company and a domain

Growth and survival of Nigerian small businesses on the internet

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Growth and survival of Nigerian small businesses on the web Consider this, how many people do you know that have never made a purchase online? quite a few and even if they haven't made one yet, they most likely would have done some research online considering a product or service. You may not

Easy online payment solution (Nigeria)

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Are you selling a product or service in Nigeria and want to receive payments online easily? If your answer is yes, you should consider Paystack. With Paystack you can easily receive online payments via debit cards, bank transfer USSD, and other options even without having a website. You can easily create pages for your products

Getting the most for your business despite COVID 19

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COVID 19 has been one hell of a pandemic that has obviously come to change life as we know it. People have been finding ways to adapt to new ways of life and a lot of words/phrases like "social distancing, isolation, face masks, and sanitizers" have gained a lot of currency these days. What all

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