We are a Website design and digital marketing agency based in Abuja Nigeria.

As a digital branding agency, E-KLIQ New Media is an agency with a difference dedicated to bridging the gap between a brand and its target audience in this tech era, using strategic marketing tools to transform how you reach your end-users

We believe that businesses and organizations need to have a website that stands out which represents their online office and also understand that there are ways to go about marketing online(Digital Marketing). We have learnt the tricks of the trade, this is why for the past 5 years we have helped businesses improve how they connect with potential customers.

We have a strategy

and we follow a test proven approach to boosting your ROI.

You can trust us to build you a website that explains at a first glance what your brand is all about.

We are here to serve you,

and that we would.

Let’s get started

What we do

Using up to date digital and technical skills, our team of professional developers, social media experts and digital marketers come up with great web designs and marketing strategies aimed at positioning your brand right in front of your customers.

With a  lot of people accessing the internet from their laptops, tabs and mobile devices daily, E-KLIQ helps your business/organization build custom websites that house your brand on the internet.

We then proceed to create effective marketing strategies that create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website and other social media platforms. We are the town criers of the modern area.