Typed your name on Google recently to know how your personal reputation is doing? Then, you are one of the individuals curious to know what kind of reputation they have online. Let me warn you though, you may not be so thrilled by what you will find. The Edelman Trust Barometer shows that over 65% of consumers trust what they see on online search engines when researching a business or person.

Your reputation online affects every area of your life, both personal and professional. As such, you need to make a conscious effort towards building a good reputation. Prospective employers, recruiters, and business partners will most likely search for you online before deciding on you.

Are you looking for a new job? About 75% of HRs have rejected a candidate based on what they found out online.

We all have a personal reputation, offline or online and such reputation needs to be guarded well. Whether small or large, the perception people have of you matters in your sphere of influence. 2020 saw the world at the peak of social interaction and the use of social media networks to keep in contact. As a result of this, the impression people have of each other has scaled significantly, unlike any other generation.

A dent in your image may never recover, you can go viral in minutes, and your fame can also crash land in a twinkle of an eye. Our advice? Take care of your online reputation the same way you take care of your personal hygienic, put in extra effort if you have to.

What are the benefits of maintaining your online reputation:

  • Security: A properly managed reputation sends a positive signal that you are interested in driving value.
  • Control: You are the boss. Managing your online reputation puts you in charge. You can control what you want to be recognised for and the kind of people you want to be surrounded with.
  • You can easily gravitate people towards you when they can see what you are all about and the value you are bringing to them.
  • Upward mobility: A good reputation online literally opens doors that people who don’t have an online presence or have one that negatively reflects them can’t access. It connects you to people and takes you to places that matter.

The key thing to note is that you can lose or win jobs, contracts or prospective investors based on your online reputation. Like most individuals who know the importance of their online impression but do not know how to make it better, let’s help you out with that.

Below are steps to take that will transform your online reputation;

  1. Assess

The first point of action is to assess the situation of your online reputation. “Ask Google” and see the records it has of you online. Make sure to look up other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Check if you are the only one with that name in your search results or you have other contenders.

Is the information you see a positive reflection of your image, or you are only greeted with hostile and irrelevant information?

To properly track and improve your personal reputation onward, you may need to signup on a BrandYourself account. It helps you mark your search results as negative, positive or neutral. As you improve your online presence, you will find it much easier to track your progress and get alerts on any red flags as soon as they pop-up.

You can also make use of BrandYourself’s social scanner to review your social media handles. You can check your history and flag down any potential damaging updates.

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  1. Determine your goals and your unique value proposition.

Your reputation will not change for the better overnight simply because you made a few changes. To achieve real results, you need to be consistent online, attract traffic and engagement. So, how do you figure out what to do and how to be more effective?

The way to go is by defining your goals. State why you are trying to improve your reputation online. Are you looking to build a career path, or you are job hunting? Do you want to create brand awareness, or you hope to start a business soon? Your answers determine, to a large extent, how you structure your online presence.

The next step is to find out what value you intend to offer to others.

Who is your target audience?

What problem are you trying to solve?

And what distinguishes you from anyone out there?

  1. Develop a content and social strategy.

What do you want to be ‘famous’ for? Define what our content would be all about and make a list of what you want to achieve from building a well-managed online presence.

Having developed a strategy that would guide your online activity, it’s time to put these thoughts into action. To achieve this, you need to answer the question, How can I make my online audience happy while simultaneously growing and pushing my personal reputation?

For instance, your target audience is entrepreneurs and recruiters, either with a desire to start their own business or pursuing a career goal. These kinds of people are aware that they need to promote themselves online, but for some reasons, they don’t. Either they don’t know how to promote themselves or do not understand its importance.

  1. Claim and Create Social Media Profiles

Do a total social media cleanup, delete any unflattering pictures, and make your profile suited to your goal. Select the best platform that can boost your personal image as well as your career. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook make it easy to connect with your desired audience. They are very valuable when it comes to building SEO. It helps to clarify if you are sharing a name with someone else and protects you against potential identity theft. 

  1. Set Up Google Alerts For Your Name/Business/Industry

Get notifications whenever something is posted about you online and address it immediately. This is very important for reviews. Let Google do all the work for you and never miss important and relevant information about you or your industry.

We want you to have a great online presence, so we thought to add one more point!

  1. Be Responsive Yet Positive

Ensure you respond well to any comment you receive, whether positive or negative. Use the opportunity to start a conversation with your audience. Also, review statements made on social media platforms and delete anyone that may implicate your reputation. There have been several times when old tweets are dug out and used against people. You can avoid such errors if you delete them now!

The fastest way to locate such contents is to do an image search of your name. Is there anything you would like to delete from what comes up? By all means, delete them now! Moving forward, post only contents that reflect you in a positive light.

Interested in taking your personal reputation to the next level? We hope these tips would help you achieve just that. Need any support with managing your personal reputation? We are here to help! Chat us up in the comment session below.

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